Event Details

START TIME: 08:00 hrs Saturday July 2, 2022

NOTE: Participants MUST be 16 years of age or older. Teams may have one member under the age of 16 provided that this person is the runner.

IMPORTANT!! Due to road usage restrictions, automobiles will be allowed access to the Gatineau Parkway network at 10:40am (except for the "North Loop" which will remain closed).


Directions to the site

  1. From the 417 east OR west, take the NICHOLAS exit. This exit ends at LAURIER Street. Continue straight ahead, past Laurier, past the Mackenzie King Bridge, all the way to Rideau St.
  2. Turn right onto Rideau and drive to King Edward (2 blocks).
  3. Turn left onto King Edward and stay on it as it crosses the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge into Hull.
  4. This becomes highway #5; continue on here approx. 8 or 10 km to Chelsea (exit 12).
  5. Left off the exit, over the overpass, into Old Chelsea; you are now on the Meech Lake Road.
  6. Continue along here for approx. 4.5km, passing by parking lot #8 which is at the first intersection of the Meech Lake road and the Gatineau Parkway, and then passing Camp Fortune's downhill Ski runs, to parking lot #9 which is just before the second intersection of the Meech Lake road and the Gatineau Parkway. Do NOT park in Parking lot #10 as it will be reserved for our volunteers only.
  7. Park your car in parking lot #9 and consult race instructions and/or the volunteers at this location. Late Kit-pick up will be available at P9


Course Description

Swim (approx 1200 metres)

Race start is 08:00 hrs Sharp!!

A quasi-triangle swim in a counter clockwise direction from O'Brien beach. This is the first beach accessible from P11.

The swim will be in a wave format of 30 swimmers per wave every minute, Wave 1: #1-30, Wave 2: 31-60 etc...

  • You may not wear any swim aids, such as flippers, swim gloves, floaties, or any sort of propulsion device. Goggles may be worn

    Bike (approx 21.7 km)

    Drafting is NOT permitted. An approved Bike Helmet is MANDATORY.

    Swimmers will run 300m to the P11 parking lot (T1) on gravel path (bring 2nd pair of shoes). Turn left out of P11 and travel east to the intersection of the Meech Lake road and the Gatineau parkway [1.6km]. Turn right and travel up Dunlop road and stay right, going on to the Fortune Lake parkway. At the top T-junction [5.9km], turn left onto the Champlain parkway and continue on until you come to the next **T-Intersection** [8.1 km].

    **This intersection is VERY dangerous. It is a 90 degree left turn for which you MUST slow down.
    **New for 2022: All cyclist must have reached the intersection of Promenade Champlain and Promenade de La Gatineau by 9:30am, Cyclist remaining in this section will have to come to a complete stop at Promenade de la Gatineau after 9:30am.

    Turn left onto the Gatineau parkway and continue until you cross the Meech lake road at P8 [4.8km];

    This is another intersection where you MUST be CAUTIOUS as vehicles may approach from either side.

    …continue cycling along the 'north loop' staying to the right of the cones (cones on your left), to the bike finish near P9 close to the end of the Gatineau parkway [3.1km].

    [The km values in brackets are approximate and indicate the distance travelled in each previously described section.]

    Run (approx 6.4 km)

    Run back along the 'north-loop' from the exchange zone towards P8, staying to the right of the cones

    Continue to the 'turn-around' point which is approximately 3.2km (right at P8) Return back along the 'north-loop' again, this time staying to the left of the cones (cones on your right), which will be the same side you came out on, to finish near P9.

    Other Rules

  • No outside assistance from anyone other than a race official.
  • No headsets or personal audio devices iPods, mp3 players, etc. may be used at any time during the race.


    Course Maps

    Click link for map.:

    The course map for all legs has been posted on Ride with GPS


    Race Instructions

    There are two exchange zones (beach & parkway). The race ends at the parkway zone near P9.


    • Park your vehicle in P9. Please do NOT park in the Dunlop Picnic Area
    • Place your run gear (shoes, etc.) in your race-numbered bag at the parkway exchange zone.
    • Bring your swim and bike gear down to P11 [1.5k].
    • Get your bike safety-checked (optional) at P11.
    • The first transition zone will be in P11.
    • The transition zone will close at 7:40am; all swimmers will be asked to be out of transition by then. There will be a Mandatory meeting at 7:45 on the beach.
    • To get to the swim take the path to the beach [300m].
    • We recommend a 2nd pair of shoes to run from the beach to P11, as you will run on the patch section.

    Wet suits are optional. There are no restrictions.

    The race starts at 08:00 sharp with waves of 30 swimmers going at one minute intervals.

    Swim to Bike T1

    When you exit the water you will run 300m to P11 to your bike Remember to label all your belongings in a bag of your own (sports bag, backpack, whatever... with your name tag on it). It will be brought back to the parkway exchange zone.

    If you wear a wetsuit make SURE you place it in a bag with your name tag on it.

    Bike to Run T2

    When you finish the bike section (near P9) on the Gatineau Parkway, handlers will take your bike from you. Proceed carefully (the Parkway's asphalt surface is difficult to negotiate with cycle shoes) to the baggage racks and change into your Run gear, then proceed with the run portion of the Triathlon.

    Take care to exit in the proper channel and NOT cross the finish line timing-pad until you return from the run.

    There are water stations near the start of the run, and approximately halfway along the out and back race course (start, 1.6k, 4.8k, and finish). After the run, turn in your timing chip and proceed to the recovery area. A light brunch will be served starting approx 10:00hrs. A results and awards ceremony, with draw prizes, will be held at approx 10:30hrs.


    Relay Team Instructions

    When the TEAM swimmer, wearing a Velcro-chip, exits the water, they must continue through the exit channel and run to P11 to the waiting TEAM cyclist. They will then transfer the Velcro-chip to the cyclist's ankle. The TEAM cyclist must then WALK their bike out on to the road and proceed with the cycle portion of the event.

    When the TEAM cyclist arrives in the exchange zone, the TEAM runner, waiting in their designated area, will remove the Velcro-chip from the cyclist's ankle and transfer it to their own ankle. They will then proceed on the run portion of the event, TAKING CARE to exit the zone in the proper channel and NOT cross the finish line timing-pad until they have returned from the run.



    Anyone who would like to volunteer for this event should contact Martin Couet at: maj.coucou(at)yahoo.ca
    Please provide the following information:

  • Name and parent name if under 18
  • email
  • cell
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Area, section you would like to help out.

    Volunteers receive a t-shirt and a lunch ticket and you are helping a great cause.



    Spectators may park at P9 (preferred & free). Parking at P11 may incur a charge and exiting will be restricted until approximately 9:30 or until most cyclists have exited the exchange zone. Parking on the side of the road will almost certainly get you a parking ticket.



    Post-race Activities

    Refreshments will be provided at the race site immediately after the race. Awards donated by BUSHTUKAH will be presented to the top finisher in each category.