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Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Mike Collingwood Memorial Triathlon

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  • Swim start 2022
    2022 swim start (Photo by FinisherPix Canada)

    The Meech Lake tri has always been one of my favourite triathlons. It's well organized, close by, has an awesome venue and the post race food is a step above. The sponsors and volunteers were amazing and the T-Zones efficient.

    — Ann-Marie Brady, Ottawa

    Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderfully well organized, efficient triathlon yesterday. Haven't done one in a few years and was a little intimidated going in but the volunteers were friendly and helpful and the whole thing was a pleasure to participate in. Well done!

    — Taunia, Ottawa

    This really is a gem of a race here in Ottawa. Great water, great roads and no traffic. As always a very competitive field yet also one that can be accomplished by newbies.

    — Jim Brockbank, Ottawa

    The lake is clean and calm, hills were challenging and closed roads are always desirable. Last but not least the food was excellent—fresh bagels and the semi-frozen fruit salad! See you in '07.

    — John St. Marseille, Ottawa

    The Meech Lake Triathlon was fantastic. Well run and such a beautiful venue! We hope to be out in full force next year!

    — Ken Garson (Research Associate),
    Ottawa Health Research Institute

    The venue is beautiful, the bike course is challenging, the food and prizes were very nice. Looking forward to 07/07/07.

    — Scott Eavenson, Montreal

    I enjoyed the race very much, the organization at this event is really good, actually the best. I do a few of these a year with my daughters and the others do not even compare.

    — Tony Shaw, Ottawa

    I went in the team competition, doing the swim for my first time ever. I thought the event was really well organized and I had a great time.

    — Ian A.J. Lorimer, Cornwall

    Great race—especially the frozen fruit cup at the end. It was the best post race refreshment of all time.

    — Bob Plamondon, Westboro

    What a great race! The change to the swim course was well thought-out and a huge improvement over the out-and-back course of the past. (ie. no head-bonkings on the way back!)

    — Ellen Pazdzior, Ottawa

    I had a great time at the race, which seemed to run very safely and smoothly from my viewpoint. The food was great at the end.

    — George Reid

    Congratulations on organizing a great event, and I will be back next year, hopefully with a better bike and a lot more bike training under my belt!

    — Jim Norman